Grayslake Summer Days 2014

09/29/2014 -

Sure Foundation participated in Grayslake's annual "Summer Days" festival held  Friday and Saturday, August 15th and 16th in Grayslake.  The core of the action was on S. Whitey St., just south of Center in the historic downtown district.   The celebration consisted of live bands, business booths, carnival games, food vendors and rides for the kids.

The event was capped with a parade on Saturday night consisting of an assortment of floats, school bands, local teams, area legislators, as well as many others.  Thousands of people attended.  

Sure Foundation occupied a 10' X 10' booth at Center and S. Whitney St. - a place in the center of the action.  Their table was stocked with New Testament Bibles, pocket-sized Gospel of Johns and tracts that present the way of salvation through Jesus Christ.  For five hours on Saturday and for ten on Saturday the people of SFC engaged the public in conversation surrounding a three-question Bible survey designed to discover people's current view of the Bible.  The results showed that, despite the changing tide in America away from conservative Christian values, a majority of people still respect the Bible.  More importantly it gave the people of Sure Foundation many opportunities to share about the importance of reading God's Word, as well as opportunities to verbally share the Gospel of Christ itself.  It was a wonderful time.  Results of the survey are listed below.  

The survey was taken by 172 attendees (110 adults, 62 youth).  The results are as follows:


Adults, 18 years and older

Which best describes your view of the Bible?

Sacred  74%  

Authoritative  18%

A Book Like Any Other Book  8%


Do you own a Bible?

Yes  93%

No  6%


Do you wish you read the Bible more?  

Yes  79%

No    11%



Youth, 17 years and younger

Which best describes your view of the Bible?

A Holy Book  66%  

A Book We Should Obey  37%

A Book Like Any Other Book  2%


Do you have your own Bible?

Yes   83%

No  16%


Do you wish you read the Bible more?  

Yes  95%

No    4%