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11/15/2015Tony Dupree "A Chill Rolls Into the Upper Room"
Sunday John 13:18-38
#1756 Gospel of John Series
Download SFC1756MQ.mp3
06/10/2012Tony Dupree "A Crisis Of Honesty"
Sunday Matthew 18:1-5
#1598 "His Traits In Us" series
Download SFC1598MQ.mp3
07/19/2015Tony Dupree "A Follower Who, Follows"
Sunday Luke 9:57-62
Download SFC1743MQ.mp3
10/23/2016Tony Dupree "A Heavenward Ascent"
Sunday Romans 6:22
Download SFC1796MQ.mp3
05/19/2013Tony Dupree "A Memo On Brokenness"
Sunday Genesis 32
Download SFC1642bMQ.mp3
10/24/2010Tony Dupree "A Mood to Remember"
Sunday 1 Kings 19
Download SFC20100124_1519MQ.mp3

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