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 Job 21:25 (NAS)
While another dies with a bitter soul, Never even tasting I anything good.
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Lake County Fair Survey 2015

08/28/2015 -

Sure Foundation Church conducted a survey of attendees to the Lake County Fair held July 29th through August 2nd.  The annual fair continues to host livestock auctions and shows, but tens of thousands of visitors also enjoy food, carnival games and rides, and various kinds of entertainment.

The survey was conducted in the main exhibition hall.  New Testament Bibles, pocket-sized Gospel of John booklets, and tracts that present the way of salvation through Jesus Christ were available.  For the better part of five days, the people of the church engaged the public in conversation surrounding a three-question survey regarding people's current view of the Bible.

The results showed that despite the changing tide in America away from conservative Christian values, a majority of people still respect the Bible.  The survey also provided many opportunities to share about the importance of reading God's Word, as well as opportunities to verbally share the Gospel of Christ itself.

Survey results:

Question 1: Which best describes your view of the Bible?

Adult responses:                                                                                    Youth responses:

Sacred = 653 / 81%                                                                                  78 / 68%

A book we should obey = 119 / 15%                                                          29 / 25% 

A book like any other = 35 / 4%                                                                  7 / 6%


Question 2: Do you own a Bible? (many included children's bibles or storybooks)

Yes = 623 / 77%                                                                                        92 / 81%

No = 41 / 5%                                                                                             17 / 15%


Question 3: Do you wish you read the Bible more?

Yes = 479 / 71%                                                                                          83 / 73%

No = 65 / 8%                                                                                                 8 /   7%

 Job 21:25 (NAS)
While another dies with a bitter soul, Never even tasting I anything good.
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