Worship 10:00 AM
Children's Class - K to 4th 10:00 AM
Inductive Bible Study - 5th Grade to Jr. High 12:15 PM
Inductive Bible Study - High School and up 12:15 PM
Ladies Bible Study 7:00 PM
Ladies Bible Study (Spanish) 1:30 PM
Prayer 7:00 PM
Inductive Bible Study (Spanish) 6:30 PM


A Meditation -- "True Light" Message on True Light In John 8:12 ...
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Lake County Fair Survey 2015 Sure Foundation Church conducted a surve...
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Grayslake Summer Days 2014 Sure Foundation participated in Grayslak...
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Taste of Grayslake Sure Foundation participated in Grayslak...
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Welcome to Sure Foundation Church
(Fellowship of Calvary Chapel)


Meeting at 305 S. IL Rt. 83, Suite 100, Grayslake, IL  60030

Have questions? We'll try to answer them! We'd like to meet you!

News: SFC Conducts Survey at LC Fair

Sure Foundation Church conducted a survey of attendees to the Lake County Fair held July 29th through August 2nd.

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Nine hundred twenty one (921) people were surveyed.  (807 adults and 114 youth)

Survey results:

Response Adults Youth

Question 1: Which best describes your view of the Bible?

Sacred 653 / 81% 78 / 68%
A book we should obey 119 / 15% 29 / 25%
A book like any other 35 / 4% 7 / 6%

Question 2: Do you own a Bible? (many included children's bibles or storybooks)

Yes 623 / 77% 92 / 81%
No 41 / 5% 17 / 15%

Question 3: Do you wish you read the Bible more?

Yes 479 / 71% 83 / 73%
No 65 / 8% 8  /  7%
Message Series

Current series:


We invite you to study with us!

Recent series:

- Isaiah

- Gospel of John

- Salvation

This important topical mini-series covers questions like:

  • What is salvation?
  • How can a person be saved?
  • Can a person know salvation has been received?
  • Can I lose my salvation?

Many messages are available for listening and download in our Messages Library.

Bible Studies


New to studying the Bible? Wonder how we got the Bible in the first place? Check out details about our short-term Discovery Bible Study!


If you have received Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior but need to grow in understanding of the foundations then this study is for you.



God, a Helper against the Treacherous.

For the choir director; upon an eight-stringed lyre. A Psalm of David.

Help, Lord, for the godly man ceases to be,
For the faithful disappear from among the sons of men.
They speak falsehood to one another;
With flattering lips and with a double heart they speak.
May the Lord cut off all flattering lips,
The tongue that speaks great things;
Who have said, “With our tongue we will prevail;
Our lips are our own; who is lord over us?”
“Because of the devastation of the afflicted, because of the groaning of the needy,
Now I will arise,” says the Lord; “I will set him in the safety for which he longs.”

The words of the Lord are pure words;
As silver tried in a furnace on the earth, refined seven times.
You, O Lord, will keep them;
You will preserve him from this generation forever.
The wicked strut about on every side
When vileness is exalted among the sons of men.

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